WWE Shows AJ’s Makeover from a Rookie to a Champion
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WWE.com has a really cool new gallery over on their site showing some of the Superstars and Divas makeovers from when the broke their way into the WWE to what they look like now. They have an unreleased photo of AJ from her NXT rookies photoshoot to a new photo of AJ now as our Divas Champion! She hasn’t changed a whole lot, but she definitely has show how she’s grown in just 3 short years. Check out the 2 new photos now in the gallery.

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A Legendary Dream of a Photoshoot
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A few years back the legendary women’s championship was retired for the now butterfly Divas championship. The women’s championship for years was every girls dream to hold and you know it was AJ’s growing up watching some of the most legendary Divas hold that title. Now AJ got the opportunity to have a photoshoot with the title as part of WWE reliving some of the retired championship belts and looks. We’ve rightfully named this shoot Legendary Dreams cause that fits perfectly for AJ. 4 photos were released and can be found in our gallery.

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Unreleased AJ Photoshoot: Dark Angel
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WWE.com’s official tumblr page has given us an unseen photo of AJ from a shoot that has yet to be released. I’ve given it the name Dark Angel and there was only 1 photo. I really hope WWE decides to released this shoot in the future cause it looks stunning. Check out the one new photo now up in our gallery.

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New Diva Focus – The Evil Divas
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WWE.com has highlighted some of the most evil Divas in the WWE in recent years and AJ of course make the list. In the gallery for this they released 6 photo and some were even unreleased photos! Check the gallery to see the 6 photos they used to highlight AJ as an Evil Diva.

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New Photoshoot: The History of the Divas Championship
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WWE has a big birthday this week, and we don’t just mean Heath Slater: The Divas Championship is officially five years old.

Conceived half a decade ago as a SmackDown alternate to the Women’s Championship on Raw, the butterfly title has come to symbolize a unique facet of WWE in that it represents an entire division instead of one part of the roster. Its dazzling butterfly plating seems as ingrained in WWE’s history as the WWE Championship spinner was, and even in its brief existence, the Divas Title has already amassed an impressive legacy.

Alicia Fox summed up the general feeling of the anniversary when she said “that went fast” to WWE.com this week, but the Divas division’s feelings on the title run much deeper than that as a whole. To every woman who has held it, the title represents a different side of the Divas’ uniqueness, and depending on how long a Diva’s tenure in WWE has been, the championship can hold a very different meaning.

“For me, it was obviously an honor and a privilege to be the Divas Champion, because you represent the body of the women we have right now on the roster,” said Kaitlyn, who carried the title for five months before losing it to AJ Lee at WWE Payback. “For me, [winning the title] was kind of a full-circle moment because I debuted on TV with maybe four weeks of experience. I had my first match on live TV and I grew as an entertainer and a person in front of the WWE Universe over three years.”She added, “I felt like I earned it and lived up to what it meant.”

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New Photoshoot & Newly Released Shots for the Summer
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WWE.com has released a new set of photos for the summer as well as showing some new shots of older shoots. We have 1 brand new amazing photo of AJ for the summer in a new shoot called “Divas of Summer” and we have 6 new/higher quality photos of AJ from her 2011 “Endless Summer” shoot. Enjoy all the new photos now up in the gallery!

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MLive.com Divas Champion Photoshoot & Interview
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Diva Focus – Love Bites!
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It honor of AJ’s new shirt, she has taken the time to post for a photoshoot with it. WWE.com has given us 20 photos of this awesome shoot. Make sure you check them all out in the gallery. Also, if you haven’t order yourself, friends and family AJ’s amazing Love Bites shirt, do so by clicking here.

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Diva Focus: AJ’s the WWE Mistress of Evil
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Just when I said we would probably never get to see the unreleased 8×10 photo of AJ, WWE surprises me and releases it! Although we only get 3 photos, it’s alot better then never seeing the shoot at all. I have given it the name “Mistress of Evil” cause we all know AJ hold that title perfectly right now in the WWE being in my opinion the top bad girl of the company. Check out the new shoot in the gallery!

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AJ Diva Focus: From Crazy Chick to Tough Chick
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It’s the photoshoot all us AJ fanatics have been waiting for! AJ’s Diva Focus for her Diva of the Month photoshoot! We were given 12 gorgeous photos from the new shoot and AJ didn’t disappoint one bit. We’ve been waiting month for this shoot so enjoy the new shoot which we named “On the Tough Side” now up in our gallery.

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WWE.com: AJ Rates Her Lip Locks
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A gentleman, as they say, never kisses and tells. Obviously, though, AJ Lee is no gentleman. No gentleman at all.

One of the most controversial figures in WWE in the past year thanks to her — erratic, let’s call it — behavior in the ring, the onetime “Geek Goddess” has also made a name for herself as something of a maneater, thanks to a series of increasingly bizarre flings with several of WWE’s most notable Superstars. In 2012 alone, Miss Lee could be seen on the arm of Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, John Cena and even Kane, depending on her mood that evening. Most recently, the former Raw General Manager decided to cap her romantic ventures by taking a walk on the wild side and hooking up with Dolph Ziggler, betraying Cena at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs and skipping straight into The Showoff’s chiseled embrace.

Again, mind you, that was all within a year. Therefore, in the spirit of nostalgia and in celebration of the Valentine’s season, WWE.com asked AJ to sift through the trail of broken-hearted Superstars in her wake and rank her lip-locks from best to worst. Pucker up and get ready for the fireworks.

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Diva Focus: Smirking Skulls
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Since AJ was not on TV this week, WWE.com has blessed us with a shoot. Okay not really but we have ourselves a new AJ shoot…again. :) This time she’s wearing her black skull shirt and jean shorts. After asking on Twitter I decided on the name ‘Smirking Skulls.’ thanks to @AJoyMaroney. You can check all 12 photos out in the gallery.

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