Power 25 Ranking – April 12th, 2014
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Power 25 Ranking – April 5th, 2014
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WWE.com’s Wrestlemania 30 Predictions
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Joey Styles: WWE has had Triple Threats, Fatal 4-Ways and Six-Pack Challenges, but to my recollection never a single-fall contest with 14 competitors. Therefore, I have chosen to dub this first a Tetradecagon Tussle. (I know it’s not catchy, but neither was Andre the Giant and King Kong Bundy’s “Colossal Jostle” tagline.) After carefully cutting 14 equal-sized pieces of paper, writing each competitor’s name on the aforementioned pieces of paper, placing them all into a hat, shaking said hat and extracting one of the equal-sized pieces of paper with each competitor’s name written on one of them, I have determined that Cameron will win the Tetradecagon Tussle for the Divas Championship. WINNER: Cameron

Howard Finkel: The Showcase of the Immortals becomes the showcase of the Divas in this contest. Vickie Guerrero has concocted a doozy of an attraction, while in the process appearing to make reigning Divas Champion AJ Lee vulnerable to losing her coveted crown. But AJ is a very shrewd customer, and I feel that somehow she will find a way to prevail and retain her title. WINNER: AJ Lee

Jake Grate: With 14 Divas in this title match, I would not be surprised by any outcome. Although AJ Lee has amassed a record-breaking reign, I think her days are numbered, as she must deal with 13 challengers. Even if Tamina has her back, the odds are just too stacked against her. I think the time of the “Total Divas” has come, and the tough, technical, beautiful “Queen of Harts” will be the one leading the way. WINNER: Natalya

Alex Giannini: In my opinion, Alicia Fox is the most underrated Diva in the highly competitive division, and she’s strung together some impressive matches over the past year. Sure, AJ Lee’s got history on her side now with the longest reign ever, but I think Alicia will rewrite that book and walk off The Grandest Stage of Them All with the Divas Title in tow. WINNER: Alicia Fox

John Clapp: Tamina may have looked completely surprised by Vickie Guerrero inserting her into the mix of WrestleMania’s 14-Diva Invitational, but I can’t help but think that, deep down inside, she was thrilled about the opportunity. I expect the Divas division’s enforcer to unleash her fury on the pint-sized powder keg who’s blamed her for every misstep, and win the butterfly-emblazoned title in one fell swoop. WINNER: Tamina Snuka

Cameron: 1, AJ Lee: 1, Natalya: 1, Alicia Fox: 1, Tamina Snuka: 1

Power 25 Ranking – March 29th, 2014
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WWE AJ Lee Wallpaper
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WWE.com has released some brand new very HQ wallpapers that can be downloaded straight off their website. AJ is one of the 11 wallpapers you can download in 3 different sizes. Head over to WWE.com to download or you can download the largest one straight from our gallery by clicking the link below.

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Power 25 Ranking – March 22nd, 2014
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Wild and Young: The Oral History of WWE NXT
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What do the letters “NXT” mean to you? Lately, you’re probably conjuring images of the powerhouse stopgap down at Full Sail University that transforms virtual unknowns into WWE Superstars, a place where Bulgarian Brutes, Anti-Divas and Men That Gravity Forgot run wild. But a few years ago, those three letters meant something very, very different.

In February 2010, WWE launched NXT — a competition show that put “Rookies” through unusual and often absurd “Challenges” designed to test their grace under fire, all with the intention of crowning a winner to carry the torch for WWE’s next generation. For four seasons, this left-field trial-by-fire churned out Superstars at a rapid clip, providing a flawed yet fascinating entry point for WWE’s future cornerstones. That is, until the rails came off and it became the most gloriously preposterous show in sports-entertainment history (and we mean that as a compliment).

The alumni of WWE’s biggest cult-classic show since Sunday Night Heat have, between them, held every title in WWE. The veterans who guided them through have main-evented WrestleManias. And yes, that is what Daniel Bryan looked like without a beard. Four years after NXT first went live, WWE.com presents the weird, wacky history of the wild and young, told by the Superstars who lived (survived?) it and the Pros who helped them along the way. And remember: #YellowRopesForever.

(Note: Quotes with an asterisk were taken from earlier interviews.)

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Power 25 Ranking – November 30th, 2013
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WWE.com’s Survivor Series Predictions
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Alex Giannini: If Survivor Series Elimination Tag Matches are tough to call, then a 7-on-7 Divas bout is nigh-impossible to predict — especially when devious Divas Champion AJ Lee is involved. Look for The Black Widow to lead her team to victory, and leave the “Total Divas” in their wake. WINNERS: Team True Divas

Bobby Melok: Rather than worrying about roommate agreements, a boyfriend’s toe fungus or remembering Jinder Mahal’s name, AJ and her squad of six Divas will presumably be focused on forcing the WWE Universe to take notice of them once again. With the inexperienced Eva Marie and JoJo on their team and Divas division bruisers like Tamina Snuka and Kaitlyn standing across the ring, I can’t imagine the Total Divas surviving Sunday night. WINNERS: Team True Divas

Jake Grate: This promises to be one of the biggest, best and most chaotic Divas matches in quite some time. As a huge fan of “Total Divas,” I’m leaning toward the E! reality stars in this contest. The experience of Natalya and The Bellas, the rapid improvement of the Funkadactyls, plus the exiting promise of beautiful newcomers JoJo and Eva Marie, will carry the squad to “total” victory. WINNERS: Team Total Divas

John Clapp: I would argue the True Divas assembly more skilled, on the whole, than its opposition, but the squad has this big strike against it: disparate motivations. Even though they’ve presented a united front against WWE’s reality TV darlings, let’s not forget that everyone on the team of Divas Champion AJ Lee is after her butterfly-emblazoned title. If “Total Divas” can rally behind the leadership and embrace the teachings of Natalya, they’ll be in the catbird seat at Survivor Series. WINNERS: Team Total Divas

Anthony Benigno: Whether you’re a True Diva or a Total Diva, this is bound to be one epic rumble between the ladies of WWE. As to who prevails? It’s a tough one to call, but assuming the True Divas fall in behind AJ Lee (big if), I’d say they crash the spotlight of E!’s newest stars. WINNERS: Team True Divas

Team True Divas: 3, Team Total Divas: 2

Power 25 Ranking – November 16th, 2013
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Power 25 Ranking – November 9th, 2013
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AJ Loves Her Divas Championship
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Has a champion ever loved their prize as much as AJ Lee loves her Divas Title? Probably not. We spoke to the Divas Champion to better understand her love for the butterfly. “They’re personal conversations between me and my child,” AJ told WWE.com when asked about talking to the Divas Title. “I just reassure it,” she said. “I just reassure it that it’s not going anywhere. It’s safe in my arms. It’s scared when it’s around The Bellas or Kaitlyn or any of those girls, but it’s going to stay here forever and ever and ever.”

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Name: April Jeanette Mendez
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DOB: March 19th, 1987
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WWE Debut: Sept. 7th, 2010
Birthplace: Union City, NJ
Mini Bio: April Jeanette Mendez aka AJ Lee is currently a WWE Diva. April got her start in wrestling in 2007 when began training at a facility just down the street from her house. She debuted for WSU in late 2008 and went on to win the tag team championships with Brooke Carter. In May 2009 she signed a development contract with WWE's then development territory FCW. While down in FCW, AJ became the 1st ever Diva to hold both the Queen of FCW & FCW Divas Championship at the same time. AJ debuted on WWE television on season 3 of NXT and ended up placing 3rd on the show. After, she went back down the FCW before being called to the main roster in 2011. Some of her most memorable roles so far in her wrestling career is being the general manager of Raw for a few months & capturing the Divas Championship at Payback from former BFF Kaitlyn. She is now the longest reigning Divas Champion in history holding the title for 295 days.

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