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August 8, 2011 | Posted by | Category: FCW Results | 0 Comments

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AJ Lee, Kaitlyn, and Caylee Turner versus Sonia, Audrey Marie, and Raquel Diaz

Caylee and Raquel start things off and Raquel pushes Caylee and then they lock up. Turner with a side head lock and Raquel with a top wrist lock and she pulls the hair to take Turner down. They lock up again and Raquel works on the wrist but Caylee rolls through and she takes Raquel down. Turner with a hammer lock but Raquel with an elbow. Turner with a drop kick to the waist followed by an arm drag into an arm bar.

Raquel with forearms but Caylee with a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Raquel with a forearm but AJ tags in and Raquel runs to make the tag to Sonia. Sonia misses a clothesline and AJ with a back heel kick. Raquel distracts AJ from the apron and that allows Sonia to attack AJ from behind and she gets a near fall.

Audrey tags in and they sends AJ into the corner and then Sonia with a splash on AJ. Audrey with a bow and arrow on AJ but Audrey had her shoulders on the mat. Audrey tries again and this time AJ is able to counter with a lateral press while Ricardo Rodriguez makes his way to the ringside area to observe the match and take some photos of the action in the ring.

Raquel tags in and she connects with forearms and then she tags Sonia back in and gives AJ a snap mare. Raquel tags back in and she slams AJ’s head to the mat. Raquel with a modified surfboard and then she sends AJ face first into the mat. Raquel taunts AJ and then she hits Kaitlyn on the apron and that allows Raquel to take AJ back into her corner.

Sonia tags back in and she connects with a forearm and punches. Sonia misses a spear and she goes to the floor. Audrey and Kaitlyn tag in and Kaitlyn with a drop kick to the upper leg followed by a flying back elbow. Kaitlyn with a knee to Sonia followed by an Irish whip and side slam for a near fall. Kaitlyn with an O’Connor Roll for a near fall but Kaitlyn takes care of Raquel on the apron. Kaitlyn with a backslide for the three count.

Winners: Kaitlyn, AJ Lee, and Caylee Turner

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