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Daniel Bryan is walking in the back and AJ is cautiously walking behind Bryan as we go to commercial.

We are back and Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring with AJ Lee. Daniel takes the mic and he says that if there was one positive thing about this week, it is that he finally got to think about how everything went so right until it went so wrong. It hit him about the moment when things went off the tracks.

AJ tells Daniel that he is a great wrestler and he is a great person. She says that she is not the only one who thinks that way. She tells Daniel to listen to the people and to remember everyone who had ‘Yes’ signs at Wrestlemania or the people who were chanting for him on Raw when he wasn’t even in the ring.

She says that they are all here to support him.

Daniel thinks about it and he wonders if they are supporting him. He says that it is funny because it feels like they are mocking him. If they were supporting him, they wouldn’t have chanted ‘yes’ for the Rock. They are mocking him and even if they mean it, the ‘yes’ chants from these sheep doesn’t make it better that AJ cost him his World Championship.

Eighteen seconds. He defeated two giants inside a cage at the Royal Rumble. He overcame five people in the Elimination Chamber. In eighteen seconds it was all flushed down the toilet at Wrestlemania. All because AJ had to have that kiss. Daniel says that AJ said the kiss was his good luck charm, but it was the kiss of death.

Daniel tells AJ that she doesn’t get to make him the bad guy because it was all her fault. He had everything going for him. He was the World Champion in his first Wrestlemania. Daniel says that he dreamed about that since he was a little kid and AJ ruined it. She had to steal the spotlight with her unbelievable selfishness and clinginess. It cost him on what should have been the greatest night of his life. He wants to know if AJ is happy with herself because he will never let her ruin his life like that again.

Daniel tells AJ that he is. Daniel has a rematch with Sheamus and he is going to do it the right way . . . by himself. He tells AJ to go into her gas guzzling SUV and cry over the cheeseburgers that she loves so much. Daniel says that he is ready to get rid of all of the dead weight.

AJ wants to go to the back and talk.

Daniel says that he will not talk to her backstage or anywhere else. He says that he hopes that the kiss at Wrestlemania was worth it because it is the last kiss that she will ever get from him because they are through. He tells AJ to get out of his ring.

Daniel turns his back on AJ and she leaves.

We go to commercial.

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