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The entire roster is gathered for a meeting with John Laurinaitis, now in charge of both Raw and Smackdown. Laurinatis said that he became the most powerful person in WWE by becoming the man running both shows, but he’s going to use his power to give to the people. He announces Santino Marella will defend the US title against both Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger in a Triple Threat match.

WWE champ CM Punk pushed his way through everyone and said he has a statement to make on behalf of the fans and the roster. He said that despite the fact Laurinaitis is now the GM of both shows, they all still consider him to be a giant toolbox. Ace said that Punk is always telling jokes. Punk says he likes a good rib, but he’s not joking. Punk is told he’s going to have to defend the WWE title against Mark Henry. Ace says this will be a new era, the era of “People Power.” The members of Team Johnny are loving this while everyone else is disgusted.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan and AJ were watching the Sheamus/Alberto Del Rio segment on a monitor. The arena went nuts chanting “Yes! Yes! Yes!” John Mathews asked Bryan for comment. The crowd chanted for Bryan. He just glared at Mathews, who got the hint and backed off.

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