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Friday Night Smackdown spoiler are coming out and now we know what AJ will be up to this Friday night. Can’t wait for a few more days? No worries, we have everything you need to know below. Click the link to see the spoilers for this Friday nights episode.

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Thank you so much to Headlocks2Headlines.com for the heads up on this. Former NXT Diva Raquel Diaz aka Shaul Guerrero did her first post WWE interview yesterday since being released for a second time from the WWE back in May. At about the 11 minute mark of her interview Shaul talks a little bit about AJ. Want to hear what she had to say? Watch the video below and enjoy!

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AJ Lee versus Eva Marie in a Non Title Match

They lock up and Eva with a wrist lock. AJ with a side head lock take down and Paige’s music plays and she skips to the ring.

AJ with a running double sledge while Paige continues to skip laps around the ring. Eva with a rollup for the three count.

Winner: Eva Marie

After the match, Paige says that she knew that AJ would be mad after what happened on Smackdown. Paige has an apology for AJ. She says that she does not hate AJ. She says that AJ has a face that she wants to punch. Paige says that she will be leaving SummerSlam with her Divas Title.

After Paige leaves, AJ attacks Eva Marie and then she sends her into the announce table and the apron. AJ continues her attack on Eva Marie. report credit

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AJ Lee defeated Paige and Natalya in a Triple Threat to retain the Divas Title. There were several spots involving all three Divas and they used their submissions. AJ made Paige tap out for the win. [source]

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So WWE.com has another new featured gallery up on their site showcasing some of the most unhinged Superstars & Divas in WWE history. AJ was featured in the gallery showing some of her breakdowns and not so great moments personally on WWE TV. Check out the photos they used to show us why they think AJ is one of their “unhinged” Divas.

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Summer Rae versus AJ Lee in a Non Title Match

They lock up and Summer with a knee to the midsection but AJ with a victory roll for a near fall. AJ with a knee and neck breaker. AJ with a second neck breaker for a near fall. AJ with a drop kick to Summer and the referee checks on AJ who appears to have reinjured her neck. The referee holds Summer back but Summer with shots to the back. Summer sends AJ into the turnbuckles and she chokes AJ before getting a near fall.

Summer with a cobra clutch but Summer misses a short arm clothesline and AJ with the Black Widow and Summer taps out.

Winner: AJ Lee

After the match Tom Phillips asks AJ about her match at SummerSlam. AJ says that there was an adorable woman who became a queen when she won the Divas Title. Then one very dark day, an evil witch stole her throne. That did not last long because she did not wait at home for a miracle. Sometimes you have to be your white knight. Then she came back and took the title and ruined Paige’s fairy tale. She will do the same thing at SummerSlam.

Paige’s music plays and she comes out to the stage. She says that she is thrilled to see AJ back on her feet. She can be AJ’s white knight because they belong in the ring together. She respects AJ and she loves AJ. They are frenemies. She will take her title back at SummerSlam and she still wants to be AJ’s friend.

AJ says that she likes Paige’s style, but Paige will not like how this story ends. You say this is your house, she tells her little crumpet that this is her kingdom. [report credit]

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Mere days after Paige shoved Divas Champion AJ Lee off the SmackDown stage, WWE.com has learned the two fierce competitors will meet in a title rematch at SummerSlam.

The championship bout will mark the newest chapter in the steadily intensifying conflict between The Black Widow and The Diva of Tomorrow. After trading the butterfly-emblazoned title, AJ and Paige met in a rubber match at WWE Battleground. Unlike their first two encounters, both of which ended in the blink of an eye, their WWE Battleground match was a highly competitive, back-and-forth contest narrowly won by AJ.

In the days and weeks that followed, Paige’s demeanor toward AJ — who Paige has admittedly considered a role model — changed drastically, going from disappointed to angry to apologetic. The final break in the Divas’ “frenemy” status came on the July 28 edition of Raw when Paige called AJ “crazy,” leading to a wild brawl.

Paige again crossed the line on the Aug. 1 edition of SmackDown when, following AJ’s defeat of Rosa Mendes, she snuck behind The Black Widow and sent her flying off the blue brand’s set. The ambush caused a whiplash injury for the Divas Champion. Despite the fact that medical personnel had to tend to AJ and remove her from the arena on a backboard, Paige was captured on video telling AJ she “still love[d]” her and instructing officials to be careful with her “best friend.”

Subsequently on social media, Paige was seemingly in denial of the injury she caused, suggesting everyone was simply “overreacting.”

With Paige apparently coming more unhinged by the day, what will be in store for the reigning Divas Champion at SummerSlam? Will AJ, seeing red, unleash her most vicious side yet? And will Paige’s plan of attack be revealed as strategic or simply a sign of dangerous instability?

For the answers to these questions and more, be sure to watch the Divas Championship Match when SummerSlam airs live on WWE Network Sunday, Aug. 17, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.

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Paige’s ‘friendly’ fire

No, Paige. That’s not how a trust fall works. After Divas Champion AJ Lee handily dispatched Rosa Mendes on SmackDown, the titleholder fell victim to a surprise sneak attack by her “frenemy” that sent her soaring off the stage and leaving the arena on a stretcher. According to WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann, AJ suffered whiplash as a result of the attack Paige claimed was just some good-natured horseplay.

AJ will no doubt be looking for retribution this week. With her injury at the hands of The Diva of Tomorrow, though, will she be able to attain it?

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AJ Lee defeated Paige and Natalya to retain her title. AJ went down with an injury early on, went to the back and came back 10 minutes later to make Paige tap out.

Biggest pops: Big Show, Jack Swagger, AJ Lee, Dean Ambrose [source]