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July 25th, 2014 in Tulsa, OK

WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee def. Paige.

July 26th, 2014 in Oklahoma City, OK

AJ Lee defeated Paige by submission with the WWE Divas Championship on the line.

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RingsideCollectibles.com recently took a ton of shots at the San Diego Comic Con of the many, many brand new action figures of the WWE Superstars and Divas that are to be released in the future. AJ was one of the Divas they got a sneak peek at and now we have the photo to share with you all thanks to them. It is unknown at this time when AJ’s new action figure will become available for order though, but when it does we will post all the details here.

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AJ skips in the back and she stops by Paige and they walk into commercial together.

Paige and AJ Lee versus Natalya and Emma

Emma and AJ start things off and AJ with a wrist lock and hammer lock. Emma with an elbow and Emma trips AJ and she gets a rollup for a near fall. AJ with a rollup for a near fall of her own. AJ with a clothesline and then she skips around while holding Emma’s hair.

Paige tags in and she head butts Emma. Paige misses a splash and Emma with the DilEmma. Natalya tags in and she hits a drop kick and she goes for a jackknife cover but Paige bridges. Natalya bumps into Emma but Natalya with a release German suplex and Natalya with a Sharpshooter and Paige tries to get to the corner to make the tag.

AJ with a Shining Wizard and then AJ applies the Black Widow and Natalya taps out.

Winners: AJ Lee and Paige

After the match, AJ takes her belt and she skips around the ring while Paige applauds her. Paige raises AJ’s hand in the ring, but it is a trap because she pulls AJ down by the hair and then Paige with head butts and then she throws AJ through the ropes to the floor. Paige sends AJ into the ringside barrier.

Paige sends AJ into the ring post. Paige yells at AJ and tells her that this is her house. Paige throws AJ over the announce table.

Paige mocks AJ by skipping around the ring.

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WWE Divas Championship Match – AJ Lee vs. Paige

The ladies shake hands before the match, then almost immediately lock up. Paige takes AJ into the ropes, and breaks cleanly. AJ takes Paige into the ropes, and breaks cleanly, skipping away. AJ runs into a big knee to the gut, and both ladies end up trading roll ups. Paige takes AJ down to the mat, wrenching her arm, then sending her into the corner, hard. Paige stomps on AJ’s chest in the corner, then takes her out, only to slam her in the middle of the ring for a quick two count.

Paige wraps up AJ in the ropes and hits her with repeated knees to the chest. Things go back into the ring where Paige gets another two count. Paige doesn’t let up, going right into a rear chin lock. AJ tries to fight out of it, but Paige just tosses her back down to the mat. Paige pulls back on AJ’s arms, burying her knee in AJ’s back. AJ fights up to her feet and flips Paige over, but Paige recovers and hits a quick running clothesline. Paige shoulders AJ, but AJ is able to counter things into a DDT and both women are down on the mat.

AJ gets up at five. Paige hits a spear, then both women fall to the outside where Paige tosses AJ into the barricade. Both women get back into the ring and fight in the corner. Paige hits a sunset powerbomb out of the corner, pinning AJ, but AJ kicks out at two. AJ pops up and leaps out of the corner, but she’s caught by Paige. Paige walks around for a bit with AJ in her arms, but AJ is able to slip out into the black widow hold. Paige is able to hold on and fights out of the hold. Paige hits the Paige turner, but AJ won’t stay down for a three count.

Paige tries for the PTO, but AJ fights out of it, and hits a shining wizard. AJ pins Paige, and she’s able to get a three count.

Winner and STILL WWE Diva’s Champion: AJ Lee [report credit]

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Joey Styles: Paige has done a poor job of hiding her anger since losing the Divas Title and nobody, including AJ, is buying her good sportsmanship act. When the bell rings Sunday, Paige is going to pummel AJ like she has never been pummeled before. Paige is not only looking to regain the title, she is looking to regain the honor of her tough-as-nails wrestling family watching in Norwich, England. Despite her best efforts, I predict AJ will lose what may be an all-time classic match to Paige. WINNER: Paige

Howard Finkel: “Frenemies”? Perhaps so. I look at this as their rubber match. They’ve each won one match “on the fly,” but they’ve had some time to prepare for this Sunday. That being said, look for AJ to outthink the younger Paige, and retain the Divas Championship. WINNER: AJ Lee

Ryan Murphy: I admit it. I kind of forgot about AJ Lee while she was gone. I figured we were now living in the “Paige Age” and I was fully prepared to sit back and watch a badass British chick mop the floor with some outmatched Divas for the next five or 10 years. Then AJ came back and I immediately recognized that it’s still her time. Paige may be next in line, but she should be prepared to wait. WINNER: AJ Lee

James Wortman: You know what they say about where you should keep your friends and your enemies. AJ Lee and Paige seem to have developed a bizarre relationship ever since the New Jersey native returned to WWE and defeated her raven-haired rival to become a two-time Divas Champion. Yet, regardless of their “frenemy” status, all of those faux smiles and compliments will melt away at WWE Battleground. Paige benefited from AJ’s overconfidence the night after WrestleMania 30, but The Diva of Tomorrow faces a wiser competitor on Sunday. Expect AJ to lock in the Black Widow and make Paige tap out. WINNER: AJ Lee

John Clapp: If nothing else, we can safely assume AJ Lee and Paige are suspicious of one another. That, or being friends with either one means constantly having stilted, yet overly complimentary, conversations. With neither Diva seeming gullible enough to fall for the other’s subterfuge, I suspect this match will play out brilliantly as a back-and-forth bout marked by great parity. I doubt we’ll see a submission victory; forget the Black Widow and the PTO. This will end with the Paige-Turner. WINNER: Paige

AJ Lee: 3, Paige: 2

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