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We are back and Michael Cole is in the ring and he says that his guest will be making her first public comments after her career was almost ended due to the reckless actions of Big Show. Cole brings out AJ.

We see what happened last week when Big Show almost injured AJ a second time.

Michael asks AJ how she is feeling and she tells Cole that she is feeling better, but her neck still hurts but she will be getting the neck brace off next week and she hopes to be able to wrestle in the spring.

AJ starts to thank the people who supported her, but Michael Cole remembers that this is all about him because he is an announcer. He points out that nobody knows who she is. Cole is surprised that people are supporting her during the injury. Cole says that he is kidding and then he says that he brought AJ into the ring to see if she blames the big oaf the Big Show and points out how it almost happened again on Raw.

He wants to know why she is even at ringside.

AJ says that she was at ringside because Daniel asked her and she loves him. She never blamed the Big Show because he would never do anything to hurt her.

She says that there is someone who has done more damage than the Big Show and that person is Michael Cole.

Cole asks how he could be worse than Big Show and AJ points out that Cole has never believed in her boyfriend. He has done nothing but stir things up. She says that Cole has insulted Daniel, insulted her, and insulted the entire Divas division. AJ says that he is a biased, obnoxious jerk.

Before Cole can respond, AJ takes the mic and says that she is not finished. She says that as far as she is concerned, the entire WWE would be a better place if Cole would just shut his mouth.

Cole wants to know how AJ could say that and then he calls AJ ‘honey’ and ‘missy’. Cole says that he is doing his job. He says that he gets paid for his insightful commentary and his personality. Cole says that people are saying that Daniel Bryan set her up to get run over by the Big Show. They are saying that AJ is so blindly in love that she would throw herself in front of a moving bus for him. They are saying that Daniel Bryan has not guts. They are saying that AJ has no self respect. Cole says that he will be in his glory at the Elimination Chamber because they will be nothing more than footnotes in WWE history.

Daniel Byran comes out and says that is enough. If Cole says anything else to his girlfriend, he will break both of Cole’s arms.

Bryan wants to know if this woman has already been through enough. He talks about how Cole is verbally harassing her because Cole doesn’t like him. Bryan has news for Cole and everyone else. He is more than a footnote. He says that he is a great wrestler and the World Champion. Bryan says that he is a role model.

On Sunday, he took a nature walk while everyone else was watching the Super Bowl while consuming copious amounts of meat and beer. Bryan asks everyone while they were stuffing their faces with the flesh of murdered animals and drinking bottle after bottle of beer and soda, how many actually recycled. How many people thought about preserving the environment for future generations?

Bryan says that he recycles and he cares about the environment. He says that he cares about future generations. Bryan says that he cares about AJ. Bryan kisses her on the forehead and hugs her. Because the people have been so inhospitable towards her, he is leaving the arena and taking AJ home. She has been traumatized enough.

Bryan tells everyone that to show how environmentally conscious they are, they are leaving in a Prius.

They leave the ring while Cole insults Daniel Bryan and claims that he is correct..

We see Bryan and AJ walking out of the arena but Teddy Long stops Daniel and AJ. Bryan says that AJ is in no condition to watch him compete and he asks for a personal day. Teddy says that he will provide transportation for AJ but if Bryan leaves the building, he loses his title.

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